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South Korea is home to one of the College's largest international alumni populations. Nearly 2,000 Korean students have graduated from SVA. In an effort to support this growing group of alumni, SVA recently opened an office in the Hyewa-dong neighborhood in Seoul, known for its university art centers, schools, theaters and museums. The office hosts monthly alumni exhibitions, and is a place where alumni can gather to catch up and pursue their career goals.

Office Information

The SVA Dongsoong Office & Gallery is staffed by Andrew Chang, director of the Office of Programs for International Students (OPIS) and faculty member, and Heewon Seo (MFA 2012 Fine Arts), Manager/counselor

SVA Seoul Office & Gallery
Gangnam-daero 89-gil 30, B1
Seocho-gu, Seoul, 110-766
Tel: 02.742.9454 
Email: Andrew Chang [email protected] | Heewon Seo [email protected]

Korean Alumni Association Cabinet Members

President: Myoung-duck Seo (MFA 1992 Illustration as Visual Essay)

Advisory Committee: Jaegil Lee (BFA 1995 Photography)

Representatives by Major 
Animation: Ho Kim (BFA 2001 Animation)
Computer Art: Haeyoung Yoo (MFA 2007 Computer Art)
Cartooning & Animation: Hanjae Kim (BFA 2003 Cartooning)
Design: Janghoon Kim (BFA 1995 Graphic Design)
Fine Art: Juye Han (MFA 2003 Fine Arts)
Illustration: Sukyeon Lee (MFA 1995 Illustration as Visual Essay) and Hyuksang Yoo (MFA 1993 Illustration as Visual Essay)
Photography: Hyoungsuk Kim (BFA 1993 Photography) and Wonho Lee (MFA 2006 Computer Art)

Events and Exhibitions

Soon Choel Byun Solo exhibition (BFA Photography graduate)

Date:  Sep. 8th, 2018  - Nov. 21st, 2018  

Opening reception : Sep 15, 18:00 

Artist talk: Sep 16, 14:00

Museum talk: Oct 13, 14:00 

장소: 고은사진미술관 (부산시 해운대구 해운대로 452번길 16


Heewon Seo Solo exhibition (MFA Fine arts graduate)

Date:  Sep. 1, 2018  - Sep. 30, 2018  

Opening reception : Sep 1, 17:00-19:00 

Venue: Miboo Art center (Seogu Annam-gongwan-ro 82, 3F,  Busan)

Social Media
Korean Alumni Blog

Stay connected to the Korean alumni community! Check out the SVA Seoul Office Korean Alumni Blog:

Instagram: @SVA_Seoul_Office

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