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Yawnie: An Innovative Reverse Alarm Clock Designed by SVA Students [Video]

From Fast Co. Exist: Unlike most alarm clocks, Yawnie wants to help you get more sleep. The clock—still a concept at this point—is designed to nudge you when it's time for bed, rather than when it's time to get up.

‘Waking up in the morning is the most miserable time for a lot of people,' says Ziyun Qi, one of the designers, who worked on the concept as a student at the School of Visual Arts. ‘The reason is pretty simple and obvious—because they didn’t get enough sleep.’

Americans get an hour less sleep, on average, than they did in the mid-20th century. And even when people aren't getting enough sleep—like a study group that slept only six hours a night for two weeks—they don't always recognize how much of a problem it actually is.

Qi, along with fellow School of Visual Arts Products of Design student and interaction design student Nic Barajas, realized that sleep trackers alone won't necessarily convince people to go to bed on time…” (continue reading)

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