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Watch SVA Alumnus Bill Plympton’s Latest Couch Gag for 'The Simpsons'

From IndieWire: “Indie animation king Bill Plympton just couldn’t stay away from The Simpsons.

The Oscar nominee returns to animate the couch gag for Sunday’s episode, ‘22 for 30,’ which is a spoof of ESPN’s acclaimed sports documentary series ‘30 for 30.’

Plympton has created a Simpsons couch gag gig three times before. The first was for the episode ‘Beware My Cheating Bart,’ in which Homer has a relationship with the couch, which leads to an epic tale of heartbreak and a baby couch. For the episode ‘Black Eyed, Please,’ Plympton paid homage to 1930s gangster chic by imagining the Simpsons clan with weapons, ready to defend their turf. Finally, with ‘Married to the Blob,’ the family sits on the couch as Maggie changes their surrounding using the TV remote control.

Plympton’s latest couch gag begins with squiggly and rudimentary drawings of each of the Simpsons family members…” (continue reading)

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