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'Washington Post' on SVA Alumnus John Patrick Green and His New Kids' Book

From The Washington Post: “John Patrick Green is a wryly funny wit with a warm sense of mischief, but as a kid, he was no class clown. He was simply too ill for that.

‘I was a very sick child, healthwise—I had terrible asthma attacks and allergies,’ Green tells The Post’s Comic Riffs on a warm afternoon in Washington. ‘And that kept me indoors all the time.’

So how does a chronically sick kid pass the time when’s he stuck home, some years missing one out of every three days of grade school?

‘I had nothing to do,’ Green says, ‘but read and draw.’

Such an isolating Long Island childhood, it turns out, had two long-lasting effects. For one thing, Green discovered he had a gift for rendering characters.

‘I had a knack for drawing Garfield or Scooby-Doo or Popeye,’ says Green, who is now a children’s book illustrator. ‘I would charge [classmates] a quarter to draw Garfield on their notebook. And it kind of escalated from that, and I made my own characters and sold them to kids. Making money [that way] was better than a paper route.’

The second effect from so much time away from the flow of kid activity was that Green developed the keen eye of an outsider looking in…” (For the full story and more images, click here)

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