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'The Huffington Post' Spotlight on SVA Alumnus Martin Wittfooth

From The Huffington Post: “Utah Phillips walked in the room and dropped a large 2 million year old stone on the foot of a friend who believed that the past was gone and exclaimed, ‘There’s the past! It didn’t go anywhere. It’s right there on your foot!’ The cowboy poet added, ‘There is no such thing as the new age. It is the same old age but with fresher flowers.’

The Archaic Revival is not only the title of a new solo exhibition of work by Martin Wittfooth which recently opened at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, it is also the term used by philosopher Terrence McKenna as an alternative to the overused moniker, New Age. The Buddhafication of the West. The term actually encompasses a much broader scope but McKenna felt, just as Phillips did, that we cannot outgrow our past. It is an integral part of our present and future states.

In an interview by Julie Antolick Winters for Bein Art, Whitfooth said, ‘I often think about what the psychedelic thinker Terence McKenna called The Archaic Revival: a yearning to look into the past to see meaning, connection, the sacred, looking back at us. I need those reminders sometimes, when the current state of human affairs seems dire and in need of a new perspective.’ Wittfooth reaches into the past to give us and future generations something to chew on…” (For the full story and more images, click here)

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