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'The Comics Journal' Q&A with SVA's Panayiotis Terzis

From The Comics Journal: “I came across the work of Panayiotis Terzis back in 2007 at SPX. His comics amazed me then and they still do. His Mega Press publications and his personal riso experiments make him a perfect person to bring into my series on the 'pioneering' risograph printers...

I’ll turn the mic over to Pan now:

Santoro: Tell me about your current copier setup. What machine(s) are you using?

Terzis: I’ve been running an EZ 390U with five colors for about four years or so, but over the past two years I’ve been printing on a pair of ME 9450U models, which are the newest Riso duplicators on the market.

Tell me about printing other people’s work in your anthologies. I imagine that many of the artists you work with appreciate the attention to detail, and may have never even printed their work on their own before. Can you talk about that back-and-forth?

Well, I never planned on being a publisher of anyone’s work but my own, but printing and publishing artist’s books and zines often entailed collaborating with other artist friends, publishing projects with collectives where we’d be handling the work of dozens of other artists, and trading with other artists in the scene at book fairs and events. So my earlier small scale publishing activity always had a social aspect either embedded in the process and structure of the book or the way the individual copies would circulate afterwards.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I was possessed with the idea of making a publication designed to capture the dark energy that I felt was encircling the globe and pressurizing the human race—I made the decision to take a more intentional approach. I couldn’t think of any artists who were trying to grapple with the renewed stirrings of nationalism and neo-fascism in the west, the beginnings of a sort of techno feudalism, increased authoritarianism around the globe paralleled by the expansion of personal electronics equipped with surveillance capabilities into every second of our waking lives, against a backdrop of a coming collapse of the biosphere. This nasty, aggressive dystopian sci-fi publication was originally going to be a solo project, but I started thinking about how interesting it would be to invite artists I knew from various art contexts—painters, underground comics people, photographers, etc.—and offer them a chance to respond to this dark energy I was detecting..." (For the full interview and more images, click here)

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