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SVA’s Asi Burak on How Video Games Can Save the World

From The Jerusalem Post: “Gone are the days when switching on a video game meant chewing up blinking Pac-Dots or dodging banana peels on a Mario Kart racecourse.

As video games have evolved over the past several decades to incorporate the latest technologies available, so, too, has their ability to impact players and generate lasting change, according to a veteran Israeli game creator and social entrepreneur.

‘This is a serious medium,’ said Asi Burak, a Tel Aviv transplant to New York. ‘It’s just going to get stronger and it’s going to be the way in the future. We are educating ourselves, we are training people, we are dealing with serious issues—through activity, not sitting and listening to a teacher.’

Burak recently spoke with The Jerusalem Post, following the publication of his new book, Power Play: How Video Games Can Save the World, co-authored with journalist Laura Parker. The culmination of years of Burak’s research and practical work, the book explores a variety of case studies in which video games have caused positive change, such as helping children battle cancer and obesity, preventing cognitive decline and enabling Saudi women to defeat oppressors…” (continue reading)

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