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SVA Luminaries Richard Wilde, Carol Rusche Bentel and More on Design in 2019

Daring new changes in design came to pass in 2018. From the rise of bold typography to the return of gradients, the year, from a visual perspective, possessed an expressive burst of color and energy. So what's to come in 2019? In a recent feature, How magazine took a crack at this question by surveying some of SVA's notable faculty and department chairs.

"Think in a new way," said Richard Wilde, chair of the BFA Design and Advertising program. "For me, the question is to be able to have a career in design for the next 50 years. In order to move toward this possibility, what is necessary is to learn how to think in a new way." A longtime faculty member at the College, Wilde, set to retire this year, continued on to say, "To not be subject to one's automatic thought process of relying on the known, which always results in a cliched, trivial and banal solution, but to move past this habitual approach toward the world of the UNKNOWN."

BFA Interior Design Chair Carol Rusche Bentel said, "The robust economy may unfortunately add a cluttered casualness to our current minimalistic white and gray environments. The increased use by non-designers to DIY and digitally select designs with the aid of virtual reality
may remove designers of buildings and interior spaces from their central role.”

How also spoke to 2018 National Design Award winner Gail Anderson, an SVA faculty member, alumnus and creative director of the College's Visual Arts Press, MFA Design Co-Chair Steven Heller and SVA Acting Chairman of the Board Milton Glaser. For the full story and more images, click here.

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