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SVA Alumnus Jennifer Kinon on Designing the Hillary Clinton Campaign

From Fast Co. Design: "Last December, Jennifer Kinon arrived at the offices of Hillary for America to a typical full-slated work day. Donald Trump had just declared that he would bar Muslims from entering the country, and the Clinton campaign, at this point relatively new to such explosive rhetoric, had to craft a response. A member of the social media team brought Kinon an idea for a social graphic he had been working on. 'It was Love Trumps Hate,' Kinon tells me last week in one of the small conference rooms at the campaign's Brooklyn headquarters. 'We sat down and played with the typography and the color, then tweeted it out.'

Within hours, the slogan had tipped over into viral territory, spreading from social media to online media then offline onto bumper stickers and T-shirts. Eight months later, it has taken on a life outside of the campaign, still making its way onto clothing and billboards. It's even become a kind of ad-lib: ___ Trumps ___.

It's just part of the job for Kinon, who went on hiatus from New York-based firm Original Champions of Design last July to take on the role of the campaign's design director. Kinon is tasked with creating and maintaining the campaign's overall visual language, not unlike what OCD does for clients, including the WNBA, Friends of the High Line, and Girl Scouts of the USA. But Clinton is no ordinary client, and designing a presidential campaign is no ordinary job..." (For the full story and more images, click here)

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