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'Rich, Funny, Furious' Work by SVA's Nancy Chunn

From The New York Times: “Michelangelo had the grand expanse of the Sistine Chapel ceiling to work with and the story of life from Day 1 to Doomsday to tell. It took him four years to do the job. Nancy Chunn has 11 walls of the Ronald Feldman gallery for the display of what is basically no less ambitious a project, a site-specific, 500-panel painting about the social, economic and psychological hazards of life in contemporary America.

Ms. Chunn began the project, titled 'Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear,' in 2003 when post-9/11 apocalyptic thinking was on the rise. She modeled her narrative on the children’s tale of Chicken Little, who, when hit on the head by a falling acorn, concluded the sky was falling, and dashed off to spread the news, attracting a posse of panicked friends (Turkey-Lurkey, Ducky-Daddles, etc.) as she went. In Ms. Chunn’s telling, the acorn is replaced by a falling television set, and Chicken Little’s flight takes her through a world as reported, and shaped by, the 24/7 news cycle: polluted landscapes, impoverished cities, failing hospitals, paranoid politicians…” (continue reading)

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