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'Flavorwire' Interview with SVA's Beth B

From Flavorwire: "Art and film from the no wave scene, and ‘70s New York City in general, has had a resurgence lately. What was it like for you living in New York City during that time period? What was the vibe?

Beth B: It was an extremely unique time in history in New York City. There were a lot of artists, filmmakers, performers, and musicians converging on this one place at the same time, all very like-minded. I think everyone was searching for a home. It was a band of misfits who were searching for a new family and a way to express these very volatile notions of idealism, angst, and rebellion against the establishment. It was an extraordinary time. We were all really young, idealistic, and rebellious—and no rules applied.

The landscape of downtown Manhattan was our playground. At that time, it was decimated. No one was living there except for artists, filmmakers, and the outcasts of society..." (For the full interview and more images, click here)

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