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'Fast Company' on SVA's Milton Glaser and His Relationship with Brooklyn Brewery

From Fast Company: "In 1986, Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy was on the hunt for the right designer to create an identity for his startup brewery. He interviewed dozens of firms, but none of them clicked—until he met Milton Glaser, the impresario behind the 'I ♥ NY' logo and slogan, New York magazine's identity, and that Bob Dylan poster.

'Why sell a bird when you’ve got the whole borough?' Glaser told Hindy about the proposed name, Brooklyn Eagle Beer, in honor of the famous newspaper once edited by Walt Whitman. That frank talk started a nearly three-decades-long business relationship that has made Glaser a rich man. Unable to pay Glaser's design fee, Brooklyn Brewery offered the designer a stake in the company. Today, that stake is 'worth millions,' Hindy says, though the brewery declined to state its valuation. ('Investors are paying very high prices for craft breweries smaller than Brooklyn Brewery—hundreds of millions of dollars,' Hindy told Co.Design, 'but the only way to get those kind of valuations is to sell, and my partners and I have no interest in selling Brooklyn.') And the designer-client partnership continues as Brooklyn Brewery releases a packaging redesign that balances fidelity to the brand with a bolder look..." (For the full story and more images, click here)

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