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'Creative Boom' Interview with SVA's Jeffrey Zeldman

From Creative Boom: "Jeffrey Zeldman is among the most famous web designers in the world. He is widely considered a guiding force behind the web standards movement and independent web publishing, and his work has influenced countless web designers and developers worldwide.

His personal site Zeldman.com attracts millions of readers, and his hugely successful design studio Happy Cog has worked with clients such as Clear Channel Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, Fox Searchlight Pictures, JazzRadio.net, and The New York Public Library.

He's founder of A List Apart—an online magazine for 'people who make websites', read by 65,000 creative professionals every week—and co-founder of A Book Apart and the design conference An Event Apart.

Just recently, he decided to go back to his roots and launch studio.zeldman. We chatted to Jeffrey about his reasons behind this latest development, and to pick his brains about his career so far and what has changed since he established The Web Standards Project over 18 years ago...

How did it all begin? Describe your path to becoming a designer and developer.

In 1995, I was treading water in advertising. In the past, I'd been a Casio and synthesiser player for the Insect Surfers, a stringer for The Washington Post, a dishwasher, a security guard, a sandwich maker, a columnist for the City Paper, and a stained glass artist's assistant. Copywriting and art direction were a way out of low-paying 'artist's jobs', but greatness in advertising eluded me, and I wasn't made for the cutthroat competitiveness of that world.

I worked with and for some truly great art directors and writers, and I learned how to work with clients—and, just as importantly, how not to. In my experience, there was a tremendous amount of anti-client feeling and dysfunction at most agencies..." (continue reading)

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