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'Crave' on Marshall Arisman's 'Must-See' Retrospective at SVA Chelsea Gallery

From Crave: “You’ve been gazing upon the artwork of Marshall Arisman for years as you stand in line at the supermarket check-out counter, looking at this week’s cover stories on top news magazines. Perhaps you spotted his painting of Darth Vader for TIME, or took notice of his illustration of Adolf Hitler for US News & World Report. So often art surrounds us but we rarely think of it. Now, the School of Visual Arts, New York, honors Arisman with a 45-year retrospective.

Marshall Arisman: An Artist’s Journey from Dark to Light, 1972–2017, presents paintings, sculptures, etchings, editorial illustrations, and short films at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, from August 19 through September 30, 2017. Arisman’s works are intense, embracing the good and evil impulses of human nature in equal part. His life’s work was shaped by his grandmother, a psychic and a medium, who advised Arisman to live his life ‘in the space between angels and demons.’

The works are not for the faint of heart…” (continue reading)

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