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Study fashion photography in the fashion capital of New York City

  • One of the few graduate programs specifically devoted to fashion photography
  • A program aimed at proficient photographers who want to develop their craft in this genre
  • The program utilizes the resources of NYC as a world fashion and media capital
  • Merit based scholarships available

At the upper levels of photographic education, fashion photography is too often thought of as unworthy of serious consideration, superficial and corrupted by style and commerce, despite its imaginative narrative, cultural relevance, playful subversion and its profound influence on “fine art” photography of the past 30 years.

The MPS Fashion Photography program is a rigorous one-year intensive program for the technologically proficient photographer who wants to develop a more creative and original body of work through an immersion in the narrative, conceptual and cultural subtext of fashion photography, and with direct engagement with leading figures in fashion and fashion photography in New York City.

The faculty consists of some of the most influential and innovative professionals in fashion photography, publishing and photographic criticism. Additionally, an advisory board will help shape the evolution of the program.

The MPS Fashion Photography program is premised by the understanding that the genre is a cultural matrix and an engagement with high and low culture that will help to inspire, engage and cultivate original work. The ideal candidate for the program will be fully versed in the technical tools and apparatus of photography and possess professional experience in fashion photography, seeking an immersion in critical thinking, and radical invention in a relevant ideological framework.

The goal of the program is the cultivation of an individual sensibility, informed by history and shaped by cultural forces that will withstand the pressure for aesthetic and market compromise, and will profoundly influence and affect the future of the medium.



Fabien Baron / Creative Director
Jessica Craig-Martin / Photographer
Suzanne Donaldson / Photo Editor, Glamour
Tracy Doyle / Exec Creative Director, Box
Cathy Horyn / Critic, The New York Times
Michael Kazam / Vice President, Le Book
Glen Luchford / Photographer
Ryan McGinley / Photographer
Glenn O’Brien / Writer, Creative Director
Eva Respini / Curator, Museum of Modern Art
Collier Schorr / Photographer
Laurie Simmons / Photographer
Ingrid Sischy / Writer
Sølve Sundsbø / Photographer
Neville Wakefield / Curator, Writer
Tim Walker / Photographer
Erik Madigan Heck / Photographer
Anya Ziourova / Tatler
Guy Aroch / Photographer
Reed & Rader / Photographer
Lindsay Thompson / Art + Commerce
Maggie Mann / Glamour
Zoe Bruns / Harpers Bazaar
Amber Gordon / Imagine Fashion
Kristen Naiman / Isaac Mizrahi
Quynh Mai / Moving Image & Content
Rogan Gregory / Rogan 
Jack Webb / Lighting Designer
Caroline Wolff / W Magazine
Randall Peacock / Production & Set Design
Sebastian Faena / Photographer
Justin O'Neil / GQ
Sah D'Simone / Bullett
Mario Sorrenti / Photographer
Sarah Ziff / The Model Alliance
Bob Recine / Hair Stylist
Matthew Leifheit / Photographer, Writer
Gina Whiterose / Artist & Acency
Torkil Gudnason / Photographer
Mark Mayer / Moving Image & Conent
Anne Christensen / Stylist
Patrick Sher / Director
Justin Wu / Photographer



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