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Learn to how to direct film in this unique 1-year masters program chaired by one of the legendary commercial and music video directors, Bob Giraldi.

  • We focus on the craft of directing and the art of visual storytelling.
  • Connect with industry professionals: working directors, screenwriters, editors and producers
  • A practical, hands-on curriculum where students gain experience in every aspect of directing film.

The MPS Directing program at SVA offers emerging filmmakers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art and craft of directing film. Great directors are great storytellers. Our one-year master’s program in film directing is designed to provide an extensive education in visual storytelling. Our program gives students the opportunity to articulate and experiment with ideas that will challenge them to hone in on their artistic vision. 

You will develop the intellectual and practical tools for directing film. You will learn the art of visual storytelling; working under the tutelage of industry professionals to learn how to develop stories from script to screen, direct actors and employ an arsenal of cinematic tools to tell a compelling visual narrative. With the guidance from our award- winning faculty, you will cultivate original ideas for successful, inventive films that communicate a narrative in an aesthetically interesting and innovative manner. The course of study also addresses the historical and critical context of film as an art form, its political and socio-cultural dimensions, and comparative study of theories for understanding film and video.

The MPS Directing program celebrates the truly independent art of filmmaking. Our students are outfitted with the creative, technical and critical tools needed to impart their artistic visions. With hands-on instruction from our award-winning faculty, and New York City as your classroom, you will do things you can’t do anywhere else, and will graduate ready to jump into a career that could change your life, and quite possibly the world.

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