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An Online Accelerated Graduate Degree

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Digital Photography is offered through an intensive one-year or part-time two-year program that addresses the technical and creative needs of professional photographers, photography educators, and creative professionals who are looking to advance their technical skills in digital image capture, asset management, and high-quality output to create compelling and engaging images.

The online program is ideal for anyone who has a deep passion for exploring the confluence of photographic aesthetics and digital technology but cannot relocate to New York City for a full academic year. The program is conducted online during the fall and spring semesters. It then culminates an intensive 9-week summer session either online or in New York City, during which students produce the thesis project deliverables: the electronic portfolio, book and branding materials, large-format prints and collateral materials for a group exhibition. Like the on-campus classes, the online classes are limited in size and engage students fully in creating original photographic images of the highest caliber.

Students may choose to complete the online curriculum on a full-time (1 year, 12 credits per semester) or part-time (2 years, 6 credits per semester) basis. Upon successfully completing all of the fall and spring semester classes, one 6-credit summer session in New York City is required. For part-time online students, the 6-credit summer session takes place following the completion of the four part-time semesters. The part-time option is recommended for anyone with professional or family obligations that require time and energy throughout the week.

In the fall and spring semesters, weekly classes are released every Monday at midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Students have one week to read the lectures, watch the videos, participate in the class discussions and complete all assignments and quizzes. The advantage of being in the online program is that students set their own schedule within any given week—the challenge is that online students must have the discipline to create and stick with a schedule that encourages the reading and processing of rigorous graduate-level courses on a weekly basis. Being an online student in not a casual affair—it requires tremendous discipline to read, complete the work, and participate in the discussions each week.

Educator Scholarship for Online Program

The Visual Arts Educator Scholarship provides up to 50% of tuition for the duration of study in the MPS Digital Photography Online program. To be considered for the scholarship you should meet the following requirements:

  • Presently teach two or more visual arts classes in an accredited high school, college or university.
  • Earn admission for the Fall 2016 semester by completing the standard application process at www.sva.edu/grad
  • Describe in the application Letter of Intent how earning the MPS in Digital Photography degree will benefit their professional academic career and/or artistic development

For additional information please contact [email protected]

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