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The masters in branding offered by the School of Visual Arts is the first program of its kind in the United States.

  • Create frameworks to guide brand, design and business development
  • Critically evaluate brand, business, marketing and design strategies
  • Master the intellectual link between leadership and creativity

The Master of Professional Studies in Branding is a one-year degree program that examines the relationship between design and strategy, and the power of design thinking as a way to combine creative skills with the problem-solving and decision-making processes of design and business. Students graduating from this program will be able to take advantage of new market opportunities, and to deliver innovative, successful and sustainable project outcomes in the worlds of design, advertising, marketing and business.

During the year, students develop an understanding of diverse branding strategies, brand valuation, and brand development life cycle. We’ll explore important themes in behavioral science and relevant cultural themes as they relate to branding. We’ll investigate marketing challenges involved in creating and sustaining brands and gain an understanding of and experience with senior corporate management discourse.

The thesis is a critical part of the MPS in Branding that is developed and completed in the summer semester. Students will develop their thesis, formulating and developing the central idea that will become their thesis, and will consider appropriate strategies for the research, form, presentation and distribution of their ideas. The thesis class will provide students the opportunity to meet as a group and with a faculty member to discuss issues related to the development of their theses, as well as review portions of each other’s work. Students should emerge from this process with a significant body of work.

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