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Should I Apply?

Are you a self-reflective, empathetic individual who enjoys being involved in studio art?  If so, we offer a program for you that is emotionally and academically challenging and you’ll need to prepare for the rigorous classroom and internship training. You’ll need a basic understanding of the field of art therapy and must be prepared to discuss issues that relate to your specific interest in the field.

While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we recommend you apply by January 15th. Applicants who have completed the application process by January 15, will be emailed an admissions decision by March 16.

If this sounds like a challenge you welcome to achieve your life and career goals and ambitions, the answer is YES, you should Apply Now!

Below are some prerequisite requirements you’ll need to have completed

  • 12 credits in Psychology (Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology are REQUIRED; Introduction to Psychology and Theories of Personality are recommended)

  • 18 credits in Studio Art (a range of coursework, including Drawing, Painting,Sculpture/3D, Design, Mixed Media, Photography, Animation, Computer Art, and Film is recommended)

Relevant Experience

If you haven’t already done so we strongly encourage you to seek out relevant volunteer or work experience, ideally in an art therapy setting, so that you can gain a critical understanding of the professional expectations and realities of the field. Be sure to include exposure to diverse populations and settings.

Professional Organizations

You should be familiar with the following organizations…

  • The American Art Therapy Association (arttherapy.org) - the official organization for art therapists in the United States 

  • Art Therapy Credentials Board (atcb.org), the credentialing organization for art therapists in the U.S. 

  • the New York State Office of the Professions (www.op.nysed.gov/prof/mhp/ catlic.htm)

  • the professional art therapy association of the state, region or country in which you wish to work upon graduating

Information Sessions and Workshops for Prospective Applicants

If you have additional questions or would like to engage with members of the department during the application process or prior to submitting your application, we invite you to join us at a group or individual information session and/or experiential workshop. Please contact us today at arttherapy@sva.edu to learn more about these events.

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