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The premier graduate program for designers in New York City

  • We emphasize DESIGN entrepreneurship as an alternative to conventional practice, and as a means to raise the level of design expertise and achievement.
  • We teach a broad set of visual, verbal and textual approaches as foundation for design.
  • We focus on creation to optimize the designer’s abilities to rise to the next professional level.

As a profession, graphic design weds art and commerce, form and content, and aesthetics and function. It began in the late 19th century as a service-oriented field with a few visionary practitioners emerging in each generation who set the standards and styles and established its philosophical underpinnings. For more than a decade advances in media have created many new creative opportunities, changing the role of graphic designers by forcing them to go beyond simply framing ideas into content development. Although production skills are necessary, graphic designers are increasingly in demand to contribute original “design thinking” into such fields as branding, publishing, editorial, packaging and products.

The floodgates were opened with the introduction of the digital tools; graphic design has been a component of a larger creative practice ever since. At this crossroads, designers were given the choice to become glorified production “artists,” framing and finessing others’ ideas, or building upon their expertise, develop concepts integral to the success of a client’s wares. The MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program was the first in the country to emphasize an entrepreneurial course of study that raises the level of design expertise and achievement.

The quintessential MFA Design student comes to this unique environment with the desire to extend his or her practices beyond conventional graphic design into distinct realms of content creation, production and manufacture -- students are taught how to generate their own sustainable ideas. We believe that the danger in having unprecedented access to new and future media is that graphic designers could be edged out of the creative process. Authorship and entrepreneurship are viable alternatives and this program is predicated on the increasing need for designers to apply their wits and skills as providers throughout all the visual media—from print to digital.

The concept of design authorship is, first and foremost, rooted in the independent creation of a venture. Developing concepts and finding the best forms to express and package them through design is essential and these new products of value must be responsive to the needs and wants of markets and communities. The opportunity to build design skill and confidence through making a unique product is in itself a valuable process.

Students must be fluent in the languages of analog and digital graphic design and, particularly, typography, and increasingly more adept in motion and sound as well. They must be able to explain their ideas verbally and visually, for a good idea is nothing if it cannot be well articulated. We do not teach students how to design, but rather how to optimize their abilities to rise to the next professional level. In addition, we welcome those who have backgrounds in other fields and media.

We believe it is important for the designer of the present and future to be thoroughly integrated into many communications environments, if only to command the options that are and will be available. Our students are encouraged to draw inspiration from other visual and communication arts that share authorial practices. In this way, the program has not been restricted to the conventional curriculum. Instead, we embrace a broad set of visual, verbal and textual approaches as the foundation for student—and professional—activity.

Our MFA studio is accessible 24 hours a day, and is designed to simulate an operational design/media firm with spacious work-stations that allow for individual and collaborative work. Students also have unlimited access to high-end editing rooms, a conference room, a design library and a video exhibition gallery. The program remains connected to the professional world while being in the academic one.

MFA Design / Designer as Entrepreneur is suited for students and professionals with backgrounds in graphic design, and we encourage those with environmental, product, Web, interaction design, film and photography backgrounds who are interested in further developing their ability to create content of value.

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SVA MFA Design / Designer as Author + Entrepreneur is the first academic program in the nation to provide classes in design and business and how to best fund and market your products. For fifteen years we have trained designers to conceive, fabricate, pitch and promote unique products for the marketplace.

MFAD offers a rigorous two year course of study in New York City with world-renowned faculty who teach not only the language of type and design (two, three and virtual dimensions), but also business courses customized to your specific concepts.

For a personal guided tour of the MFA Design Studio contact Veronika Golova <> for an appointment.

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