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A multi colored image with a hand doing the hushing signal over the mouth of a face.
A triptych of three images. The first image on the left is a 2D animation with a blue creature sitting on the edge of a red seat by Yirui Tian; The middle image a 3D animation featuring two people looking at each other by Ran Huo. The last image on the right is a experimental 2D collage featuring an eye by Tynan Humphrey.

Life Is an Art: Gloria Steinem and Barbara Nessim

A photo of Gloria Steinem and Barbara Nessim in conversation by Jacqueline Iannacone.

Five Awesome Films You Can't Miss at SVA's After School Special 2018

Spotlighting the high caliber of talent produced by SVA's academic programs

Witch Boy- A graphic novel by Molly Ostertag

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