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From abc7NY: "If you've ever been in the subway, you know you can smell some pretty awful smells.

Now one woman wants to give you a better option and all you have to do is scratch and sniff!

'The subways tend to be a little dirty, stinky,' said Kristen Jassin, a straphanger.

Well after all, millions of people do ride the rails each day, but what if for a brief second you smelled something far better.

'Lavender, there's sweet magnolia, vanilla,' said Angela Kim, School of Visual Arts student.

There are also the scents of sweet orchid and orange blossom.

'That actually smells really good. That would make taking the subway more enjoyable,' Jassin said.

That's exactly what Kim is determined to do and send a message to the MTA to clean up its act..." (continue reading)

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