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From Publishers Weekly:


The cheerful star of Stephen Savage’s Little Tug isn’t the tallest, biggest, or fastest boat in the harbor. Yet when the other vessels need help, he’s always there with a push or a pull to guide them to safety, and they, in turn, comes to his aid when he gets tired. Published this month by Roaring Brook’s Neal Porter Books, the picture book follows another solo effort, Where’s Walrus?, which was one of PW’s Best Books of the Year in 2011, among other accolades. The Brooklyn resident has also illustrated Lauren Thompson’s Polar Bear Night (2004) and Margaret Wise Brown’s previously unpublished The Fathers Are Coming Home (2007). Savage, who also creates editorial art for numerous newspapers and magazines, shares the story of his artistic beginnings and his picture book career to date.


Did you have artistic aspirations as a child?


I always made art, but like a lot of kids I didn’t know what to do with it – how to turn it into a job. My parents both really appreciated art and encouraged me to make art for the sake of making art, not to figure out the job thing. I remember my parents taking me to a Calder exhibit at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, where I grew up, and I definitely responded to his sense of play. His works were almost like toys; they had a real entertainment aspect to them. He wasn’t making art for a museum, but was having fun bending wire!... (continue reading)

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