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From The Huffington Post:


By Mars Hobrecker, as told to Diana Scholl


My very first photo series I did was to take photos of the same people both as extremely female and extremely male. At the time, I couldn't really get past that idea of the two being very separate, though I was trying to talk to everyone else about gender being fluid. As fun as fake mustaches are, it's nowhere near the work I'd be putting out if I was trying to show the same sort of thing now. But I'm still interested in portraiture and documenting the queer and gender-variant community.

Myself, I'm definitely transgender of some variety. I'm not sure where I will stick. There are so many labels. The terminology is always shifting.

When I told my friend I wasn't comfortable with my birth name, my friend was like, \"If you're going to change it, you have to make it something cool like Mars.\" And I usually use gender-neutral pronouns, which is terribly awkward. I generally say I can be called anything that's not female. If someone I haven't met before uses female pronouns, I... (continue reading)

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