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From the Bangkok Post: "LA-based Stephan Zlotescu directed and wrote an acclaimed short film titled True Skin which was shot in Thailand three years ago. The sci-fi short film depicts a dark future where enhancing your body with mechanical parts is the new norm and those who remain natural are of lesser beings. A mysterious man named Kay (played by Stephan) is on the run from the authorities after stealing a classified prototype. It recently got picked up by Amazon Studios for a possible adaptation into a TV series. Stephan, who got his master's degree in Computer Graphics from New York's School of Visual Arts, talks with Guru about his famous short film and gives us a glimpse of what the future series may look like.

Let's go back to the time you filmed True Skin. Did Bangkok inspire the story in any way?

I filmed True Skin all over Bangkok from Asoke, Chitlom, Thonglor to Silom and even some parts were shot in Pattaya. I had the story in my head and had already filmed a version of it in America, but when I came to Bangkok on a trip, it felt like I was on a set straight out of Blade Runner. Immediately I asked my director of photography, H1, to come to Bangkok to help me re-film it. We set out on nightly runs throughout the city, filming as much as we could that would pertain to the story. When I looked at the footage, I knew we were on to something, especially the night we jumped over a fence in Silom to film tombstones in a Chinese cemetery. The marriage between body modifying and the vibrant neon-lit aesthetic of Bangkok was a perfect combination to me. I broke into the industry with the release of True Skin in 2012..." (For the full interview and more photos, click here)

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