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The SVA Alumni-Run Satellite Art Show Returns to Brooklyn

Satellite Art Show, the artist-run, experiential art fair, comes to Brooklyn next weekend, October 3-6, presenting a robust roster of interactive projects by young dealers, artist collectives and activists, and non-profits. Satellite was founded in Miami, in 2015, by Brian Andrew Whiteley (MFA 2013 Fine Arts) as a counterpoint to the market-driven options surrounding Art Basel Miami. This edition of the fair is Satellite's first full-fledged edition in New York City, held at the Pfizer Building on the edge of Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant. (Last year Satellite organized an entirely performance-based program coinciding with Bushwick Open Studios). Satellite has recently also expanded to Austin, Texas, setting up shop during SXSW earlier this spring.

"In true Satellite fashion, we continue championing the voice of the artists working in every possible discipline," says Satellite performance curator (and Associate Director of SVA Admissions) Quinn Dukes (MFA 2015 Art Practice). While still a fair that provides visitors the opportunity to collect new works—with commission going solely to the artists—"Satellite is full of immersive installations that encourage interaction and engagement with our guests," Dukes says.

Dukes is the founder and director of Performance Is Alive, which presents the performance and video programming of Satellite. The live element of Performance Is Alive is one that sets it apart from other fairs, and this year, the program runs for all four days of Satellite—featuring 17 live, durational performance-art projects as well as 23 video artists who explore performance, ritual and body politics. While there is a wide-ranging selection of artists, nearly half are based in New York City, Dukes says. "This is a very intentional decision, as I hope to engage and celebrate the work of local artists while connecting them with international voices."

As part of Performance in Alive, Kathie Halfin (MFA 2015 Fine Arts) will perform a piece that deals with her anxiety around issues of communication and stereotyping as an immigrant in the U.S. living between multiple cultures. Processing the personal and politically charged experiences of immigration, labor and identity, Halfin performs actions of love, care and resistance. Markus Holtby (MFA 2019 Fine Arts) will also address the immigrant experience in America today. Holtby's work calls into question the aspirational words in the U.S. Constitution versus the all-too-often disappointing reality, and invites visitors to take part in the paradox.

Exhibitors overall lean toward the experiential, and the collaborative. As the collective TANGA!, Rachel Chick, Andrew Prieto and Alfredo Travieso (all MFA 2014 Art Practice) will show a large-scale sculpture that draws on toxic gender relationships, the beauty industry, science fiction, folk horror and fiber arts—all while treating hair as a true artistic medium. Erin Davis and Max C Lee (both MFA 2016 Photography, Video and Related Media) focus on the systems that shape American culture and ways of life. From law enforcement to suburbia to lifestyle consumerism, this collective uses sculpture, video, installation, and internet interventions to interrogate their structures and origins. AnnaLiisa Benston (MFA 2016 Fine Arts), also Satellite's creative producer, will exhibit as Famous on Mars, her ongoing installation-cum-concept-store that features artwork, wearable art objects and live tattooing directed toward feminism, inclusivity and social codification. Lewis Derogene (BFA 2019 Fine Arts) will also be in attendance showing her video installation, Execution of the Limited Self.

The latest iteration of the Satellite Art Show takes place from October 3 to 6, at 630 Flushing Avenue, in Brooklyn. Check out the full list of exhibitors, performances and screenings here.

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