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SVA Creators: Alumnus Lauren Hom on Creative Self-Care and Social Media

In SVA's new video series, SVA Creators, we put the spotlight on alumni who have crafted their own brand, established a notable following on social media and creatively leveraged that platform to become influential and independent "creators." The first installment series focuses on graphic designer Lauren Hom (BFA 2013 Advertising), founder of the popular lettering studio, Hom Sweet Hom. Now based in Detroit, Hom, who grew up in Los Angeles, employs a bright color palette and playful lettering to imbue her work with a cheerful, free nature. "I think it's creative self-care to work on personal work," she says. "To [be able to] explore weird, silly ideas that you have."

Hom, who has over 190,000 followers on her Instagram account, @homsweethom, considers connecting with people globally as integral to her creative practice. As it evolves and grows in popularity, Instagram has become an increasingly essential platform for many independent artists, giving them a virtual storefront to display their work. Hom uses the app to keep her followers up-to-date on her activity, both professional and personal, and doing so with a casual, carefree approach. "I think there's something really beautiful about using my work to speak about everyday life, because it's relatable to everyone else," she said. "That's been the way that I've connected with my audience."

"I basically owe my entire career to an inside joke that turned into a Tumblr blog, and thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, it turned into the thing that started my lettering career," Hom says. She urges upcoming artists to be unafraid of posting their work online, because there is a vast amount of hidden opportunities always available. Hom herself was given an incredible opportunity last year, when Google hired her to paint a mural at its California headquarters. "You might make something that gets a thousand likes, and you might make something that gets 10 likes," she says. "It's still your art and you are still making progress, and that's really all that matters."

If you are interested in learning lettering from Lauren Hom, enroll in her online lettering class and with the code SVALETTERS you can get 10% off all packages at checkout until October 7. To learn more about Hom, check out her free Q&As on IGTV, and subscribe to her email list to receive #HOMwork, her free weekly lettering challenge that she has sent out every Friday for almost two years.

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