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SVA Clubs: Get in the School Spirit & Find Your New BFFs

Organized through the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA), SVA helps build community through clubs and this year, there's absolutely no shortage of clubs and associations to join and call yourself a proud member of. Joining a club is a great way to make new friends and kindred spirits, get to know students from other departments, discover a new passion or just have fun and relieve stress. Find a club that meets your interests or start your own! Any student is welcome to submit an idea for a club by emailing [email protected]. Here's an eclectic array of the clubs offered in 2018.

Art Squad wishes to form a community of artists who are interested in getting together, improving their drawing abilities and building stronger bonds with their fellow students. Activities include model nights, on-location drawing, museum trips, collaborative publications, critiques and networking. Email: [email protected].

Black Student Union empowers, unites and shares knowledge among those who identify with the African Diaspora — the global communities that have resulted by descent from the historical migrations of Africans. All are welcome to join the conversation! Email: [email protected].

Cards and Dice is a group that plays any and all board games, ranging from the traditional favorites, like Monopoly and Checkers, to the wacky and zany ones that you might not have heard of! No matter your experience level, all are invited to join us for a fun, casual atmosphere. Email: [email protected].

More than a decade old, Cartoon Allies provides students with opportunities to get their work out for full profit at conventions such as NYCC, MoCCA Fest, SPX and our own in-house convention, FreshMeat. We also prepare students by making merchandise, reviewing table etiquette and teaching tutorials on using SVA and online resources. Email: [email protected].

Chinese Student Organization (CSO) is a club that facilitates friendship between students from different backgrounds with developing Chinese culture.

Christian Fellowship is a caring community at SVA compelled by the love of Jesus Christ. This is a chapter of NYC Metro Cru. We represent all walks of art and design. All are welcome. Email: [email protected].

Comix Weirdos is a community of students interested in making alternative and self-published comics, artist books and zines. We will attend DIY events, produce independent publications and foster students’ interests in the wonderful world of comics — or comix with an x. Email: [email protected].

Kawaii Club is motivated to create opportunities for all who are curious or inspired by kawaii culture pertaining to fashion, food, art, events and/or the overall appreciation and learning about aspects of Japanese popculture. Adventures to restaurants, exhibitions, cultural festivals, fashion walks, and more. Events may coincide with those of the Japan Society as well as the Kawaii Society or anything else going on that is aesthetically adorable or simply intriguing. Email: [email protected].

Music Club shares and discusses music and attends music events. Email: [email protected].

Queer SVA is the student-managed LGBTQA+ support and social group for the School of Visual Arts. We organize inclusive social events, group activities, educational presentations, and more. All are welcome! Email: [email protected].

The Sims Club: Indulge in your favorite video game and meet fellow Simmers. Play the Sims (any version is fine) and discuss story building, house building and mods; watch Let’s Play videos and make cool friends! BYO Game! Email: [email protected].

The SVA Feminist Collective is an inclusive space that aims to give students resources and skills to be activists for causes they are passionate about. Shaped by member interest, we have workshops and discussion-based events on topics such as zine making, activist burnout and models for political actions. Email: [email protected].

SVA Horror Society is a society of students who come together and watch horror films because we love the genre. Even if you’re new to this category, we would be thrilled to have you to join us. Email: [email protected].

Veteran Coalition of Arts is a collective of veteran-artists whose work reflects personal experiences as a way to shape their artistic practices. An officially recognized chapter of the Student Veterans of America Organization, which aims to provide support and camaraderie for all veterans. Email: [email protected].

Thoughts? Clubs you want to pitch? Email your ideas to the Visual Arts Student Association (VASA) at [email protected]. And for more, SVA is holding a club fair on September 13 from 6:30 - 9pm at the SVA Student Center (217 East 23rd Street). Happy clubbing and have a great school year.

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