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My First Year: SVA Student Yearin Park

We asked some new undergraduates to tell us how they got here and how their SVA experience is going so far

Next up in the My First Year series is BFA Interior Design student Yearin Park, who talked with us about her favorite neighborhoods in New York City, and her interactions with her program's faculty so far.

How did you first become interested in interior design?
I had thought of doing fine arts, but in high school, I started working on a table design and I really enjoyed it. So that's when I began exploring 3D design. Designing tables was a little too specific, though—I wanted to go broader. With interior design, tables and chairs are part of it, but you learn much more. The BFA Interior Design program matched my interests the most.

How did you end up choosing SVA?
I heard about SVA from a teacher, and when I went to Portfolio Day I really liked the interaction I had with the representatives from SVA. The feedback was genuine. Plus, I loved New York City.

How would you describe your interaction with faculty so far?
All the teachers in my department are very honest about how things work, and they really want the students to learn. You can definitely feel it. Even your classmates want to genuinely help you—the sophomores, juniors and seniors—they’re all friendly.

How are you adjusting to life in New York City?
It's a lot of fun! It's a little overwhelming, of course. I come from a small town, so this is an entirely different environment than what I'm used to, but I like it. I don't hate anything about it—well, I don't like the smell! But other than that, New York is terrific. It's very convenient. Everything is within walking distance.

What interior spaces in New York City inspire you?
New York as a whole is very inspiring. There are all these stores and places you get to go and experience. Just merely looking at the interiors of coffee shops, you wonder what the furniture is made of, why they were placed in such ways. It's fortunate for SVA students. You get a lot of ideas.

Do you have any favorite neighborhoods so far?
I like hanging out with my friends in K-Town, for the food and karaoke. And SoHo for just looking in stores and shopping. I also like Madison Square Park.

For more information on SVA's BFA Interior Design program, click here.

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