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'ARTnews' Q&A with SVA Alumnus Brian Belott

From ARTnews: "Brian Belott has had solo exhibitions in New York at the Journal Gallery and 247365, and at Moran Bondaroff in Los Angeles. He recently joined the roster at the New York-based Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.

Bill Powers: Look at how decadent you are, with the window open in your studio and the AC blasting.

Brian Belott: I’m wasteful, but I recycle, so it balances out.

I’ve never seen a box fan incorporated into one of your paintings before. Is that a new development?

Yeah, pretty much. At [the] NADA [art fair in New York] this year I was juggling box fans with my friend Billy Grant. We opened for Tyson Reeder’s performance Cold Steel. We’re doing this Clothesline project together at the Serpentine in London.

Is Clothesline the name of your collective?

Well, we have several working names: one is Clothesline, one is Christmas, one is George de George Hair Cuts Hair.

I don’t think of you as a performance artist and yet you enjoy making a spectacle of yourself.

I never got into skating, but what I do is similar, only without the board. Get your head where your feet are as quickly as possible. I’ve always been into Dadaism and absurdism. I think they’re still the rule of the day..." (continue reading)

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