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  • Thursday, April 18 - Wednesday, May 1

  • Reception: Thursday, April 18
    6:30 – 9:30pm

  • Pfizer Building, 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn

  • Free and open to the public

  • On view by appointment only; email [email protected] to schedule

MA Curatorial Practice presents "Nothing Without Intention," curated by program fellows Kate Benedict, Claudia Delaplace, Xinchen Du, Rebecca Marsh, Angie Nee, David Suarez Mira and Yaoli Wang

"Nothing Without Intention" draws connections across genders, sexualities, races and cultures to define self-identity by and against social norms. The exhibition’s artists consider and satirically criticize tropes to reveal a kaleidoscopic view of how our unique bodies encounter the world. 

Utilizing printing, painting and photography, Furen Dai examines the social anxieties and the male favoritism in the Chinese marriage market. Dalton Gata’s portraits of racialized, male faces use bold expressions, contrasting colors, and landscapes to define each figure’s presence and gaze. Zhen Guo’s sewn, amorphic figures combine the male objectification of breasts with the physical demand of punching bags. Their whimsical aesthetic cryptically conjures power, both for and against women. Pairing sentimental objects from a past relationship with the text, the diptych presented by Elektra KB reclaims trauma to empower her own narrative. Tabita Rezaire’s video uses computer animation and her own body to create meme-like instructions for culture and self-care. Scott Walker uses traditional “women’s work” to create colorful quilts that accentuate playful quirkiness and eroticize the male body.

These artists methodically construct identities, harmonizing to voice their ironic but serious examination of societal constraints. Through a multiplicity of materials and perspectives, "Nothing Without Intention" stages an intervention on normativity, advocating for a social space that celebrates and defends individuality.

On view by appointment only; to schedule an appointment to view the exhibition, please contact SVA MA Curatorial Practice at [email protected].

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