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  • Friday, May 24, 2013

  • DGA Theater, 110 West 57 Street , New York, NY

  • 5 – 9:15pm

  • [email protected]

The new media revolution secures short film’s place in popular culture right now. The SVA SHORT FILM FEST 2013 is a celebration of the MPS Live Action Short Film Class of 2013. Fourteen films from quirky to queer capture the diversity and depth of our program at the Director’s Guild of America Theatre on May 24th from 5pm - 9:15pm.  

MPS Live Action Short Film (LASF) debuted as a matriculated graduate program in 2010 at the School of Visual Arts. The filmmakers of LASF write and direct one film for one year under the tutelage of reputable instructors and industry mentors. Employing a seasoned crew and abiding a budget, MPS candidates create a professional-grade short film.


 The Little Violinist, a film by Yang Wang
A lonely elderly trash picker finds, adopts and treasures an abandoned baby.

The Pod, a film by Eric Pennycoff
A man in a pod roaming outer space is confronted by his infidelity on Earth.

Quiet On The Set, a film by RJ Barkelew
A young cancer patient and actor takes a defining role in a zombie movie.

Transparent, a film by Ricky Lorenzo
A teenage girl on the threshold of womanhood learns to accept her transgender brother.

The Womb, a film by Victoria Aguila
A troubled woman searches for her lost past and is overwhelmed by what she finds.

Retire For The Evening, a film by Ed Hellman
A ventriloquist's puppet attempts to continue the act after his partner dies.

Contract, a film by Matthew Woods
A young man comes to grips with the family business—contract killing.


The Fling, a film by Ken Lott
An unlikely pair embarks on a perambulation of artistic soul mates.

Heeling, a film by Steven Tong
A friend and a pair of red heels help a young man stand on his own.

The Middle Finger, a film by Yaling Huang
A Chinese girl learns that her middle finger is the key to survival in NYC.

El Cuco, a film by Kayla Llanes
A young girl is terrorized by her aunt's story of a vindictive monster.

Redeploy, a film by Nuria Dixon
An Iraq veteran returns home seeking the peace he lost overseas.

Calaveras, a film by Jaime Mendrano
A family struggles with loss and spirituality in a Mexican neighborhood fringed by violence.

I Also Don’t Know What I’m Doing Now, a film by Daewon Choi
A geek in search of his lost obsessional object discovers treasure nearby.

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