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  • Thursday, June 6 - Saturday, June 22

  • Reception: Monday, June 10
    5:00 – 7:00pm

  • SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, Lobby, New York, NY

School of Visual Arts presents “Abstract Intentions,” an exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography by current students and recent alumni critiquing modernist abstraction. Curated by Richard Brooks, assistant director of Student Galleries, the exhibition will be on view June 6 through 22 at the SVA Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City.

Frankie Carino (BFA 2013 Photography) employs photographic materials in an experimental and painterly manner through nontraditional photo processes. Using expired rolls of surplus photo paper, the artist makes massive abstract prints over 12 feet long. Drawing on the landscape from his native Arizona, Carino’s imagery recalls aerial views of landslides, riverbeds and floodplains. 

The sculptures of Anthony Donatelle (an MFA Fine Arts student) pose conceptual quandaries about making art and the viewer’s role in completing the artwork. Using materials such as insulating foam, wood scraps and photographs of imperfections in walls, the artist creates small abstract objects that he carefully locates on the walls and floor to present new contexts for viewers to study. In describing his approach the artist states, “My work is deeply rooted in process and a desire to affect a maximum amount of space with a minimal amount of material.”

Tina Han (MFA 2013 Fine Arts) presents a series of acrylic on canvas paintings inspired by fashion and architecture. In her asymmetrical compositions, Han blends geometric forms derived from zippers, stripes and fabric patterns with loosely drawn calligraphic elements to create quirky abstractions with a hint of whimsy. 

Nadia Haji Omar (an MFA Fine Arts student) composes sculptures from everyday items including twine, pins, nails, beads and wire that fit in the palm of your hand. Working in the tradition of Richard Tuttle and John Chamberlain, she uses free association to combine material, color and form to create casual yet highly resolved abstract sculptures.

The mixed media constructions of Soohee Koo (MFA 2013 Fine Arts) evoke a dialogue between pictorial and sculptural space. Transparent and fragile materials such as Plexiglas, acetate and vinyl are cut, folded and attached to the wall creating subtle shadows the artist employs as significant compositional elements. The resulting forms produce layered, abstract images that invite multiple interpretations.

In the installation Parts and Parcels, Sara Mejia Kriendler (MFA 2013 Fine Arts) creates what she refers to as “contemporary ruins” out of found Styrofoam and plastic packaging. The artist transforms these discarded materials into carefully ordered sculptures that recall the grid-like structure of modern urban environments. Inspired by archaeology, Mayan ruins and consumer culture, her work comments on what our civilization may leave behind.

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