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School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Every Once Sometimes Now,” the first of two thesis exhibitions by students in the MFA Fine Arts Department. Curated by Ron Segev, gallerist at Thierry Goldberg Gallery in New York, and assistant curator Richard Goldstein, the exhibition includes work in various media by Eleni Beristianou, Chie, Eun Jung Kim, Sharon Kirby, Jonas Lara, Amelia Midori Miller, Augustus Nazzaro, Jenny Santos, Heewon Seo, Kim Smith, Paul Hunter Speagle, Miryana Todorova, Aken Wahl and James Brendan Williams. The second exhibition, “Just The Tip,” will be on view February 24 - March 10 at the Visual Arts Gallery. 

The exhibition documents the merging, mixing and cross-referencing of mediums and materials that drives some of today’s most ambitious artists. “Hailing from different backgrounds, professional experiences and practices, these eight women and six men embody an approach to art-making that is moving in multiple directions simultaneously,” Segev said.

“Pluralism is nothing new, but in the past few years emerging artists seem to have embraced it to a degree in which it becomes subject matter,” Segev added. “In a sense, this mostly intuitive interdisciplinary process is both embracing and reacting against a world that is saturated with visual clutter, where images are tagged, tweeted about and uploaded to Tumblr in an instant. Artists, like the rest of us, make use of ‘the cloud’ as source material, as a place to connect with their peers and as an exhibition space for their work - an endless visual library, where one could borrow an image, do something with it, retweet and repeat.”

The MFA Fine Arts Department offers a specialization in painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking, new media or mixed media, while fostering an ideology of stylistic pluralism. The two-year, 60-credit degree program encourages students to follow a personal course of intellectual and expressive evolution as they experiment with diverse artistic persuasions, discover new aspects of their creative abilities and gain greater technical mastery.

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