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Making Music Video Clip. Recording Singing Woman

Music Videos: The Last Decade

6:30PM - 9:30PM
Oct 01 - Nov 12
Location To Be Announced
1.50 CEUs,
6 Sessions

Miah Artola Video editor, Artola Digital

Music video has evolved into a serious art form. Visuals are scrutinized for their cultural significance, and auteur direc- tors and name actors participate to leave their mark on this ever-changing genre. In this course students will create criti- cal responses to our screenings/discussions in the form of their own music videos. Several editorial techniques will be covered, including how to edit to the beat, editing with photographs, manipulation of video effects and filters, multicam editing, audio mixing, EQ, titling, green screen and keyframing. Music video professionals will visit this class and provide hands-on lessons in shooting and audio mixing. As a culminating event, a public screening of the work from the class will be held.
NOTE: Students must have their own editing software (Adobe Premier Pro) and laptops. They may create footage using their smartphones or video cameras, or the instructor will provide footage. A basic knowledge of Premier Pro is preferred, but not required.


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