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Corrupting the Cinematic: Video Art as Avant-Garde Practice thumbnail

Corrupting the Cinematic: Video Art as Avant-Garde Practice

6:30PM - 9:30PM
Oct 02 - Dec 04
Location To Be Announced
2.00 CEUs,
8 Sessions

Itziar Barrio


Early pioneers of independent film-such as Maya Deren and John Cassavetes-were deeply critical of the big-budget Hollywood films of their day. They responded by making low-budget films that thoughtfully corrupted the cinematic by breaking all the rules. Informed by such pioneers of independent film, in this course students will create their own audiovisual corruptions of the cinematic. We will approach video in ways that look beyond the technical, highlighting hidden mechanisms and methodologies. The course not only focuses on willful corruptions of the medium, but also on the use of accidents and errors to break established rules. Low cost and DIY philosophies will prevail as guiding creative mechanisms.
NOTE: Production and editing equipment is not provided. Students will use their own devices, such as smartphones and personal video cameras to capture footage, and computers for editing.


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