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Weekend Hot Links


The weekend is here! Bone up for brunch with recent art, design, and culture stories shared this week by the SVACE faculty and community. There’s something here for everyone, from drawing to design, billboards to bottoms.

Freedom Fonts (New York Times): A public art campaign will commission political billboards across the country. —via SVA News

Continental Clapback (Quartz): Literary journals give Africans a space to “write back” at the global culture. —via SVA MFA Art Writing

Soul Selections (Smithsonian): For the first time, see historically excluded Black folk artists at the Met Museum. —via SVA News

Man Cave (NPR): Visit Michelangelo's secret hideaway and drawing board. —via SVA MFAVN

Intel Illustration (New York Times): Why illustrators need technology, along with talent. —via Mirko Ilic

Header to Toe (CNN): What about nudes in graphic design? —via Steven Heller

Princess Professionals (Scary Mommy): This artist reimagines Disney princesses as career women. —via Gregg Benedikt

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