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Faculty Feature: Anita Zeppetelli

Branding New York City and Identities

In her Brand Identity - Creating an Image course, multifaceted designer Anita Zeppetelli has students choose a New York City neighborhood and create branding for it. Here, she shares some images and reflections from the course.

Why did you create this branding assignment?

My goal for the course was to offer an opportunity for students to find their creative voice through a subject they know: NYC. The process of creating a brand for a neighborhood isn’t all that different from that for an organization. The goal is to identify a neighborhood’s essence, translate that into a logo and visual system, and then implement it in various design touchpoints.

New York City is where I choose to live and work. What better way to pay homage to it than with this course assignment?

<p "="">Here is a proposed banner design by Katy Parken for West Broadway, SoHo.

Katy Parken, SVACE student: "It was a great experience. I was excited to come to class every week and get class feedback on my project.”

<p "="">Here are designed business cards and stationery by Katy Parken.

"I learned so much and Anita was a very enthusiastic and attentive instructor. I could not have asked for any better."

Here are designed business cards and stationery by Alberto Khoury.

SVACE student Alberto Khoury’s designs for Hell’s Kitchen

<p "="">Here are colorful brochure designs by Alberto Khoury.
SVACE student Alberto Khoury’s designs for Hell’s Kitchen
Here is a letterhead designed by Abel Coss.

Abel Coss, SVACE student: "This course gave me the right inspiration I needed for my career, and reminded me how important is to keep learning."

<p "="">Here is a brochure for the East Village, designed by Abel Coss.
"I wanted to create an identity to give tribute to the community and the alternative culture present within the neighborhood."
<p "="">Here are two tote bags designed by Katy Parken, bearing cartoon illustrations of tongues, skulls, tattooed hands, and more.

Tote bags designed by Katy Parken, SVACE student

How do you define design in 2019?

Two words: multidimensional communication. As a brand designer, I discovered early on in my career the power of a visual expressed through all media, from print to digital and beyond. This depth and breadth allow one to reach a larger audience. Today, design is much more informed by branding than ever before.

Additionally, digital technology has created a new interactive paradigm. This challenges the designer and the way we reach our audience and offers us ways to connect on a deeper level.

What does design mean to you?

It’s my way of self-expression. A way to communicate in the most effective and impactful way while evoking an emotional connection. My relationship with design was influenced early on by teachers, mentors and employers that had that right mix of design passion and work ethic. These examples, shown to me early on, were pivotal in my design career and how I approach and look at design today.

Branding in particular offers me the opportunity to wear many different hats and combine different design disciplines. I tell my students if you can master this, you can do anything.

How has teaching inspired you?

As the physicist Frank Oppenheimer once said, “The best way to learn is to teach.” I have had many an “aha!” moment in the midst of teaching, which have further honed my own skills. Teaching has also inspired me to adapt and try new techniques or approaches to support students along the way. I sometimes feel like it’s less about the presentations or lectures and more about listening and identifying blocks that the students are experiencing early on. I remind them that sometimes feeling uncomfortable is part of the process of learning something new.

Learn more about Anita Zeppetelli and her courses here.

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