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Art & Activism: Rage, Courage and Care

The SVACE community makes art for the urgent issues of our time

This past September, SVACE hosted its second annual Art & Activism one-night symposium. Along with guest speakers, live silkscreen poster printing, and a reception, we also produced an art exhibition after sending out an open call for artwork supporting the event. We received submissions from across media that expressed the breadth of rage, courage and care that our community feels on some of the most urgent issues of our time. Here are just a few of them.

Here is a portrait of Emma Gonzalez styled to look like Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road
From faculty member Tristan Elwell: Emma Furiosa, 2018, digital
Here is a painted portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in profile, with her name in graffiti on the wall behind her.
From faculty member Tristan Elwell: Notorious, 2018, digital art
Here is a drawing of a protestor holding a protest sign: “End white supremacist male carnage."
Heather Heckel’s colored pencil drawing with a collaged sign features a young protester soon after the 2016 presidential inauguration.
Here is a photo of protestors at the Women’s March, NYC
Kay Hickman, 2018-01-20 New York City-US: March participants attend the Women's March on NYC.
Here is a photo of a couple in bed.
Erika Kapin, Lola with her partner who is not yet able to be out
Here is a photo of a man in bed with three clothed women.
Erika Kapin, Kevin with his wife Antoinette and partners Rebecca and Cira
Here is a drawing by Bo Lee of Little Red Riding Hood stomping on a wolf.
Bo Lee, Bye Bye Creepy Wolves
ere is a painting of a woman applying lipstick.

Francisco Rodríguez Prada, La Novia del Pueblo, 2017, oil painting on shina woodcut block, 20 x 16”.

Here is an illustration of Stormy Daniels squeezing Donald Trump in her bosom.
David Yellen, A Political FireStorm(y) Brewing

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