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Pictures of different women wearing mostly back clothes.

Information Session


136 West 21st Street, Room: 631F

Open to the public

Moderator: Keren Moscovitch

Visual artist, curator, writer

What is the difference between taking a picture and making a photograph? What do you need to begin working as a photographer? Spend an evening with some of our continuing education photography faculty; see their work and their students' work, hear them discuss it, and let them answer your questions on how to begin working as a photographer. There will be a short portfolio review.


With everyone having cameras on their smartphones and Instagram accounts, it can be forgotten that truly great photography requires talent and skill that involves aesthetic ability coupled with some technical know-how. Our program is armed with professional photographers and artists who can help make your work stand out from the barrage of images around us.

We have many courses to respond to the diverse fields within photography, covering fashion, journalism, documentary, commercial, advertising, sports, fine art photography and more.


Our faculty can give you insight into the various commercial channels of photography, including fashion, advertising and fine art photography.

We have courses using the latest digital technology and software, exploring retouching, Photoshop and printing. We also offer courses using traditional photographic methods, using black-and-white film and darkroom development—we even offer a course using cyanotype.

For those photographers looking to learn more about the business of photography, we have courses that give insight into commercial photography, including fashion and advertising, as well as courses on the business of fine art photography—how the photo art world works and how to develop relationships with galleries.

Online courses are available.

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