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Image from a video showing a had reaching for a person in a tube floating in a pool.

Video Art: Audio Visual Collage

6:30PM - 9:30PM
Jul 09 - Aug 13
2.00 CEUs,
6 Sessions

Daniel Lichtman Visual artist

This course will introduce students to a wide variety of approaches to making artwork with video. Emphasis will be placed on a process of video-making that treats moving image and audio as artistic materials to be freely explored and manipulated, much like painters treat their paint and canvas. Students will develop a series of projects that focus on specific themes, such as visually abstracting a space, representing the body, using speech and language, and working with found footage. The basic technical operation of a video camera, applicable to a wide variety of devices from smartphones to DSLR cameras, will be covered. The course also provides a thorough introduction to basic concepts of software-based video editing using iMovie. Group critiques will facilitate an ongoing conversation about each student's progress. Important historical and contemporary examples of video art will be presented and discussed in order to help students consider their work in relation to a broad historical context.
NOTE: Students will use their own video recording devices, which may include a smartphone, DSLR camera or camcorder. Assignments require shooting video footage outside of class and editing footage in class with iMacs and iMovie video-editing software.


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