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Man in needles

The Art of Failure

6:30PM - 9:30PM
Oct 17 - Dec 12
2.00 CEUs,
8 Sessions

Saul Robbins Visual artist

For every great image, hundreds of unremarkable ones can leave us frustrated and unsatisfied; until, suddenly, we experience a breakthrough and succeed in expressing ourselves. If left unchecked, failure can easily debilitate us, yet it is a natural part of the creative process, and often the gateway to fresh ideas and artistic maturity. This course is about confronting the inevitable and unexpected failures of new projects and learning to appreciate the many valuable insights such struggles offer for self-reflection and greater resolution of our creative ideas. Weekly shared and personalized shooting and writing assignments are designed to help students work through the many obstacles, personal and logistical, that may accompany each new project. Critiques, presentations and ongoing discussions will introduce and carefully examine our and other artists' projects and processes, with the express purpose of recognizing the potential that failure offers to discover new ways of expressing ourselves. Students will be encouraged to look honestly at the practical viability and personal authenticity of their ideas and approaches to making new imagery, and to step courageously into new or ongoing projects with greater ease and insight.


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