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Documentary Film Budgeting

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Nov 02 - Nov 09
Location To Be Announced
1.00 CEUs,
2 Sessions

Julie Anderson Executive producer, development executive

There are three pillars that define a film: the story itself, the production schedule and the production budget. Changes to one of the three pillars will affect the other two. These pillars reflect everything you and your funders need to know about how the film will be made. The budget documents what kind of story you will tell, the crew you plan to use, what equipment you've selected, and if there will be travel, archival material, original music, and/or special effects. In this workshop, you will create three budgets for one project: high, medium and low cost. Using your own film, or a film treatment provided, we will address where numbers can be trimmed and where to target for additional funds. Sourcing numbers for those unfamiliar with costs will be covered. How to actualize a budget throughout production and handle budget overages, as well as presenting a budget to possible funders will be included. This workshop is ideal for emerging filmmakers, those preparing to apply for grants and other support for a film project.
PREREQUISITES: A working understanding of Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.


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