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A blue, tin robot with yellow feet and red hands lies on a surface.

Moving Objects: Simple Automata and Mechanical Toys

9:00AM - 12:00PM
Nov 03 - Dec 15
Location To Be Announced
1.50 CEUs,
6 Sessions

Bronwen Densmore Open hardware community manager, Public Lab

Motion can add an important dimension to fine arts, design projects, puppets, toys, and more. Applying basic mechanical concepts to make objects that move will be the focus of this course. We will look at the ways that artists and craftspeople have incorporated movement into their work, and students will experiment with simple mechanisms to plan and build movable sculpture. In-class time will be spent working primarily with cams and gears; we will discuss a wide range of mechanism types and students will have the opportunity to incorporate additional concepts into their work. Experimentation with different building techniques is emphasized, and students will design, prototype and build their own pieces. Sessions are held in the Visible Futures Lab, a state-of-the-art digital fabrication and rapid prototyping facility.
NOTE: The lab fee includes in-class demo materials, safety equipment and access to tools and workstations. Additional materials must be purchased by the student. Use of some digital fabrication machines may incur additional fees.


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