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Plastic egg. Glass bottle. A knot of twine.

Designing for 3D Printing: From Virtual Model to Physical Objects

6:00PM - 9:00PM
Sep 19 - Oct 24
Location To Be Announced
1.50 CEUs

Oya Kosebay Manager, Visible Futures Lab, School of Visual Arts; designer, creative technologist

Technologies in 3D printing offer an array of creative options to artists and designers. In this course students will dive into 3D printing processes from virtual model to physical object. It will cover critical 3D modeling and mesh repairing techniques, as well as assembly, multiple material/color prep, complex geometries and how to finish printed objects. The primary modeling software is Rhino; however, students may use other applications. Sessions will be held at the Visible Futures Lab, a state-of-the-art digital fabrication and rapid prototyping facility. PREREQUISITE: Basic knowledge of 3D modeling software.
NOTE: The lab fee includes demo materials, safety equipment, access to finishing equipment and a generous 3D print- ing limit per student. Any additional request of printed volume or special material may incur separate fees.


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