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Sun beaming down in a forest with snow covering the ground.  The leaves are yellow and a touch of green.

The Painting of Light

12:10PM - 2:40PM
Jan 29 - Apr 09
2.50 CEUs,
10 Sessions

Peter Fiore Fine artist

The study and interpretation of light is a foundation of representational painting. This course will explore how light can visually communicate time of day, temperature, weather, color and texture, among other variables. You will learn how to control light, key your paintings and create good value structures to achieve a specific feeling or mood you are after, and fill your paintings with light and energy. Working from photographic reference, you will learn how to re-design the elements of a photograph to create a more dynamic and compelling painting. Demonstrations, painting exercises, and discussions on materials and common problems related to rendering specific types of light will be included. One-on-one instruction will be tailored to your interests and technical proficiency.
NOTE: Please bring 5 to 10 photographs of your own landscape photography, a rough newsprint pad (18x24"), a single-edge razor, four 4B charcoal pencils and a kneaded eraser to the first session.


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