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person painting portrait of seated man

Realistic Figure and Portrait Painting from Life

12:00PM - 6:00PM
Feb 01 - May 03
7.00 CEUs

Marvin Mattelson Portrait artist

Want your paintings to come to life? Illusionistic realism takes more than merely copying what is in front of you; it requires the ability to understand and interpret your subject to be successful. This course will present, to artists of all levels, a uniquely simple and logical approach to painting the portrait and figure in oil. The mindset and methodologies that guided master artists for more than 500 hundred years will be emphasized, and you will learn the time-honored techniques that have served as the backbone for some of the greatest paintings ever created. Designed to develop your ability to create a believable three-dimensional reality on a two-dimensional surface-regardless of how loose or tight you want to paint-this course will allow you to rigorously engage with the principles of figure and portrait painting in the classical tradition. Working from live models, we will explore techniques for drawing accurately, handling paint, emphasizing the effects of light and atmosphere, modeling form and mixing lifelike flesh tones. Every step from preparing a canvas to applying the final highlight will be thoroughly demonstrated and explained.
NOTE: A Sunday afternoon field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is included. A complete supply list will be distributed at the first session. Please bring a notebook and pen to the first session.


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