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woman on left side painting with live model in front of her and on the right there is an image of the finished portrait painting.

Classical Portrait Painting from Life

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Sep 21 - Dec 14
7.00 CEUs,
12 Sessions

Marvin Mattelson Portrait artist

There's more to painting a great portrait than capturing a likeness; it's about creating the illusion of life. Portraiture should reveal the character of the sitter and exude a lifelike essence. During this course, taught by an award-winning portrait artist, you will learn how to analyze, interpret and convincingly portray your subject. The methodology presented is both broad in scope, yet simple to comprehend. It's based on the idea that logic, not frivolous rules nor superficial techniques, lies at the core of the greatest portraits ever created. Working from live models, you will discover a simple and straightforward way to achieve accurate drawing and to easily replicate any color you see, particularly the subtle translucent tones of the human complexion. You will also learn how to model form and to simulate the effects of luminosity, illusionistic depth and atmospheric space. All the information covered in this course will be fully demonstrated and explained by the instructor.
NOTE: A bonus Sunday field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you will discover that the strategic mindset used by the greatest portrait artists of all time is the basis of everything you are being taught. Supply lists will be distributed during the first session. Please bring a notebook and pen to the first session.


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