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A Predisposition to Paint thumbnail

A Predisposition to Paint

9:00AM - 12:00PM
Sep 23 - Dec 16
3.50 CEUs,
12 Sessions

Shirley Irons Fine artist

The starting point here is a desire to paint. The ending point, well that never ends in painting, but for this course it will be an understanding of contemporary art ideas, painting techniques and formal concerns that will help develop each stu- dent's vision. Using novel and traditional techniques and materials students will look at how each element of a painting (subject matter, material, scale, paint application, installation and support) can shift the reception of the work. The vast range of pictorial sources will also be discussed. Students will be encouraged to work outside of their comfort zone, to embrace chance and to develop intellectual dexterity along with painting techniques. Contemporary and historical issues will be covered through brief presentations. Experimentation is encouraged, as is failure.
NOTE: Please come to class prepared to paint. There is no restriction to media. If you need a supply list please email me at sirons@sva.edu.


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