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Film and Video

NOTE: Students cannot take equipment out of the College or use equipment and facilities outside of class time unless indicated in the course description.

Upcoming Courses

Sep 23 - Dec 16
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Brian C. Gonzalez Visual artist, filmmaker, consultant

A in a blue kimono with a Japanese hair bun looks into a mirror.
Sat, Sun
Oct 26 - Oct 27
10:00AM - 3:00PM

J.T. Takagi Sound recordist, filmmaker

Four people stand in front of a blue and white building. Three women, one man. The man holds a boom mike. One of the women is filming with a large camera.

In-Progress Courses

For late registration, please contact the registrar at: [email protected] or at 212.592.2200.

Sep 18 - Dec 18
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Frederick Rendina Producer, director

Man holding a picture of a peacock while people are clapping.
Sep 19 - Dec 12
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Deniz Demirer Filmmaker, writer, director, cinematographer, actor

peoples arms and hand holding a camera with a blurred car and pink light in the background

Waitlisted Courses

For course registration assistance, please contact a CE Course Advisor at: [email protected] or at 877.242.7200.

Sep 24 - Dec 03
7:15PM - 10:15PM

Igor Sunara Director of photography, director

man with a hat and light on a portion of the face.
Sep 23 - Dec 02
7:00PM - 10:00PM

Igor Sunara Director of photography, director

woman sitting in front of camera with bright colored lighting.
Sep 18 - Dec 04
7:00PM - 10:00PM

William D. Hopkins Producer, director, Palisade Films

A person holds a director's slate in front of their cast and camera.

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